2020's Latest Recruiting Trends

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2020's Latest Recruiting Trends

It’s 2020 (well not yet, but we all know you’ll be out of the office by then)!

This coming year, trends in recruiting have never been so promising. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest game changers and using the best tools to improve the hiring process. After all, no one wants to find their company lagging behind and using outdated approaches.  

As we start to take advantage of technology and put emphasis on the personality behind the resume, recruiting is taking on a more individualised approach. 

Starting with the up and coming trends, all the way to the biggest game changers of the year, we’ve sought out the latest trends so you’re prepared to rule the recruitment world in 2020.

10. Attracting the Best of the Best with Employer Branding 

Hate losing the perfect candidate to a competitor? Anyone would. So how do you stand out in a candidate-driven market? Displaying your company as the attractive place that it is, will increase your talent pool and allow you to have your top pick. The millennial generation is increasingly interested in working for a place that aligns with their values and promises a positive work environment. Start the year by prioritising employer branding to attract better candidates and reduce hiring costs. Understanding the market of candidates you want to reach will help you form a strong Employee Value Proposition, engaging potential employees with what you have to offer. 

9. Mobile Recruiting Breaks Barriers 

Mobile recruiting is a promised trend in 2020. As companies are becoming more tech savvy, the recruitment world is also taking advantage of mobile technology. To speed up the hiring process, make applications mobile friendly and easy to do “on the go”. For example, use video interviewing, which can be taken on any mobile phone, to save time for both you and your candidates without compromising on effective hiring tools. Even more so, mobile recruiting brakes geographical barriers. You’ll be able to connect to a limitless amount of potential employees, expand your talent pool, and increase the likelihood of finding a good match. 

8. Personality Recruitment Goes Beyond the Resume  

Ask yourself what personality traits are best suited for the role you need to fill and start seeking them out in your applicants. One of 2020’s top trends in recruitment is the shift away from traditional “skills focused hiring” to a more personalised approach. For over a decade, organisational psychologists and hiring experts have researched the role of personality in the workplace. Personality traits affect the rate of innovation, workplace dynamics and task performance. Video interviewing is an effective tool in making those judgement calls as it lets you see the personality of the applicant without compromising your time. You’ll be able to narrow down candidates confidently with psychological research to back you up. 

7. Collaborative Hiring Takes Center Stage 

Think you know what you’re looking for in your next employee? Maybe you’re missing something. According to Forbes, collaborative hiring is a must. Instead of one hiring manager making all the calls, companies are moving to a more cooperative approach in 2020. Consulting with a team of people reduces bias and increases the likelihood of finding a culture fit. Getting people from different parts of your business to weigh in on future employees makes them feel valued and creates a more transparent hiring process. To move towards team-based hiring, recruiters are turning to video interviewing and virtual cover letters. These recordings allow the candidate to express themselves beyond a one-on-one interview, and lets everyone pitch in on their own time. 

6. Utilising Social Recruiting 

It’s pretty clear that social media has become a key tool in marketing, but how does it also improve recruitment? Your employees becomes a part of your brand, representing the company in their diverse social circles. You want to be hiring people you can trust to be the face of your business, building up your positive reputation. Utilising social media through current employees helps to reach bigger pools of candidates and attract a diverse group of potential applicants. Encourage them to update their social profiles to list their jobs, post company news and publicise job openings. 

5. Data Driven Recruitment in Full Force  

How often have you had to rely on a “gut feeling” to make a decision? There is nothing more unsettling than selecting between candidates based off a hunch. This year, we recommend letting the data make the tough calls for you. In this coming year, it is no doubt that companies will increasingly turn to data analytics to improve recruitment. The use of analytics allows hiring managers to look beyond the resume and adds a layer of analysis to help narrow down the search for the right employee. Heading into 2020 with recruitment data will help you understand trends in the hiring process and gain insights into future recruitment decisions. You’ll rely less on that “gut feeling” and make an informed decision backed up by data. This will help you save time in recruiting and ultimately make smarter calls when choosing future employees. 

4. Seeking Out Soft Skills 

LinkedIn has over 300 million daily active users, so how can recruiters truly set profiles apart? Recruiters are realising that it’s not enough to hire based on “hard skills” and technical ability. 2020 brings with it an increasing demand for soft skills in the workplace. Soft skills refer to traits such as sociability, independence, and motivation. After all, seeking experience and skill won’t differentiate between the candidates who are versatile and driven and those who are not. To hire for soft skills, employers must rely less on CVs and more on personality assessments. Using video interviewing, for example, gives an opportunity to ask candidates about their attitudes and motivations, letting you see what they will bring to the workplace. 

3. From Employees to Brand Ambassadors 

We all have that one friend we’d be eager to trade jobs with. The passionate way they talk about their work makes it seem like a dream. As an employer, you’ll want to be the one your employees can’t stop bragging about on their nights out with friends. After all, your employees are your company’s ambassadors. Heading into 2020, you’ll want to be hiring candidates that align with your company branding. Finding the right cultural fit not only ensures a more productive workspace but also means you’ll have someone promoting your business in the correct ways. This can be hard to spot in the traditional hiring process by relying heavily on resumes, and therefore this year many recruiters are turning to video interviewing and leaning on personality based hiring to find better employees and future brand ambassadors. 

2. Machine Learning is the Future

It is clear that Artificial Intelligence is making a remarkable influence on the world at large and especially in recruiting. Companies are using machine learning products to approach recruitment obstacles with a fresh, new take. There are many advantages that Artificial Intelligence offers when it comes to gaining insights on candidates, especially through video interviewing. This year, you’ll want to be utilising benefits such as personality analysis, automated transcriptions and interactive video features to be better armed through the selection process. 

1. Positive Candidate Experience is Key 

First impressions are everything. This year, you’ll want to prioritise candidate experience in order to maintain a positive reputation and guarantee that chosen candidates are eager to accept the position. No one wants to go through an unprofessional hiring process and be left with a bad experience. One of the biggest detriments to positive candidate experience is that candidates are overwhelmed by a lengthy and complicated application process. To avoid this, make applying for the job accessible and easy. Using video interviewing and mobile friendly applications will give candidates the undivided attention they expect and an opportunity to showcase themselves, promising positive feedback overall. 


And those are the top ten trends of 2020! Whether you're an employer or a candidate, you're all geared up to rule the recruitment world with these game-changing tips. Good luck! 


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