Hiring? Here Are 5 Top Tips for a Great Interview

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Hiring? Here Are 5 Top Tips for a Great Interview

Video interviews save everyone valuable time and resources. If you’ve already integrated video into your hiring process, here are some things to note, based on our experience with thousands of video interviews submitted on myInterview:

  • Keep it short and sweet

A good video Interview is between 2 and 4 minutes, with around 3 questions, enough to get a true sense of a candidates personality. Try using the term Video Introduction to invite candidates to present themselves in a friendly and open way.

  • Understand your goals

Determine what you want to understand about a candidate before you design an interview. If you want a sense of the candidate’s personality, ask them something about themselves. If you want to test a candidates ability to present on the fly, ask them to pitch. If you want to be trendy, ask them a question that helps identify “grit”.

  • Integrate into your workflow

The two major places to place a video interview are upfront and on the second stage. Upfront will usually result in less applicants, but those who respond will have stronger intent. Second stage allows you to import pre-screened candidates or send a shareable link straight to your talent acquisition source.

  • Make your candidates comfortable

We have surveyed thousands of applicants, and you might be surprised to learn that 95% of candidates are satisfied with video interviews and would gladly do one again. To achieve this satisfaction rate, consider giving two retakes for each question, enabling practice questions, allowing questions to be open, and including a clear video introduction.

  • Clear and consistent communication

Contextualise your Job Ad by letting candidates know they may need to complete a video introduction. Sometimes candidates can be busy or just forget or don’t check their email. Be sure to utilise notifications (text direct to an applicant’s mobile works best) when inviting candidates and automatically, but gently, reminding candidates about the opportunity you’re offering.

At myInterview, our customer success managers monitor our client and candidate experiences closely, providing feedback for optimisations where they see fit. It is important to stay agile and ensure that your processes are efficient in an ever changing landscape.

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