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myInterview is a video screening tool that integrates seamlessly into any application process. Our industry leading technology is developed in-house with attention to user experience and security.

Siddhartha Gunti - Guest Blogger

Co-founder & CEO at Adaface
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Interviewing software engineers - what questions should I ask?

Posted by Siddhartha Gunti - Guest Blogger on Aug 20, 2020 8:46:15 AM

Interviews are a very vulnerable display of ourselves and I am extremely humbled by the fact that some 400 odd engineers sat with me to interview, and taught me how to do it right.

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Topics: hiring, recruiting 101, hiring methods, tech recruiting, engineers

myInterview insights

The power of video interviewing 

This blog is a compilation of research and insights into video interviewing. Video is a powerful medium for communication as it allows its audience to interpret more than plain text and audio. The visual layer informs us of body language, which is a key vehicle of human interaction. In our fast moving world, we sometimes lose that crucial human touch which is so important for decision making. Whilst machines will assist us more and more in alleviating our many pain points. Some decisions are still best left to us humans. myInterview brings these worlds together.   

What we will cover:

  • Recruitment trends
  • Video interviewing techniques and benefits
  • New HR tech

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