Making it personal: Video Questions

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Making it personal: Video Questions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does video mean? 

In asynchronous interviews the main objective is to save recruiters' and candidates' time during the screening steps of any robust talent acquisition strategy.   Of course, other benefits include convenience, a modern feel, and an engaging way to share what your company is looking for in the ideal hire.  

But... there are challenges with using a text question approach in this type of interview.  Is it personal enough? Will it simulate a live call, or in-person interview? Will a candidate feel comfortable and confident to give their best with responding to a question without the personal touch.  

Adding video questions to your asynchronous interview can really create a welcoming and personal experience.  Additionally, adopting this style can also give you an opportunity to provide the candidate with a realistic preview into your company culture (or if you are an agency, into your client's culture).   A video-based question also allows you to add additional information or context around the question that you are asking. 

We highly recommend using video questions as a best practice.  

But we don't have a professional movie making studio - surely me recording myself won't look professional? 

Let us put your mind at ease -> video has become the most popular way of communicating across all platforms (social media and others).  High budget videos are perceived as lacking authenticity to candidates as they seem overly scripted or over engineered for a simple purpose.  

Here at some tips on how to create video questions that will balance candidate experience and tough screening/shortlisting:

1. Review the role requirements and determine the questions that you want answered by candidates. 

2. Determine which of these questions may need context and further explanation.

3. Choose your camera - again this can be your smartphone, which is equipped with amazing tech to support this. Many phones now provide 4K quality video recording. 

4. Find a suitable place to record the question.  This is where you have creative freedom.  Your choice of background should ideally show off your company in some way, but also make sure you have lighting that in front of you (even natural sunlight helps), and dress as you see appropriate for the interview.  

5. Warm up by recording yourself a few times before committing to your final version.  We know, it can feel awkward doing this, but when you do this a few times, you will feel more comfortable.  Going through this process will definitely give you a real feel for what candidates are going through in recording their responses! 

6. Add or record your video in the myInterview job creation process.  You can upload, provide a link to a video platform like Vimeo, YouTube or Dropbox. 

In myInterview you can make all the questions into a video, but if this is a stretch, we recommend that your first question is set up as a video to create a welcoming and helpful atmosphere to the asynchronous experience. 

Have fun with the process - it will be rewarding personally and professionally.

As always, we are here to support you.  Reach out and we will be happy to help.

Happy Video Recording :)









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Clayton Donnelly (Head of Professional Services) is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with 15 years of global assessment, hiring and talent experience. He also loves bringing the world of technology and people together through fair, robust and high-quality solutions.

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