Q: Need More Suitable Candidates? A: Employer Branding

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Q: Need More Suitable Candidates? A: Employer Branding

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another."

- Seth Godin


Hiring in 2022 will require strong emphasis and focus to gain improved candidate response rates, candidate quality, and finally -> robust hires.  The great resignation has create an interesting impact in candidate behaviors through internal soul searching for the right type of role that matches the individual more closely.  

While this phenomenon has create a few unknowns for the talent teams globally, what we do know is that now is the time to focus your messaging on your company's value proposition to attract the best hires. 

Research conducted around social media impact of advertising roles shows that the following should be considered carefully (Keppeler, 2020): 

  1. Send convincing signals that give insight into your company
  2. Consider targeted and specific communication for "audiences" that you are wanting to attract from
  3. Hiring has to be thought through more strategically for longer term success

myInterview offers a few places where you are able to provide the right kinds of signals about what your business is all about.  

Welcome Message

In our job creation process, you will be asked to provide a welcome message.  This will be your first opportunity to make an impression.  Consider writing a concise and welcoming messaging that emulates your company culture. Let me re-emphasize, keep it brief but on point.  

Introduction Videos

Again in the job creation flow you have the option to add a video introduction about your company.  A few things here... keep it short, punchy and clear around what type of person you are looking for.  60 seconds maximum -> as with all the media that we consume, the longer the video the higher the bounce rate.  You have creative freedom on what to do here, but always remember that candidates are searching a bit more deeply for their ideal employer.  Share what the company culture is, the primary purpose of the business, what is needed to be successful in this role, and what we look to provide a new hire to ensure they are successful.  

Email Invitations

Spend time to think through the "atmosphere" you would like to create in email invitations.  Candidate will be searching for how to approach the video interview, the steps in the hiring process and how they will be supported through the recruitment process.  Keep thinks warm, personalized and should be in the marketing/branding style of the rest of your organization.  

What about templates? 

myInterview has templates in play for all of the above, and do show success, but giving thought to each of these and making it your own will always lead to better results.  

"Target Audiences"

Remember that some candidate audiences respond to different messaging.  For example: for a warehouse role, you may want to emphasize the safety standard that you are proud of.  Or for a social media expert, focus messaging on the chances to be creative and exciting. 

Look out for more articles where we will dive deeper into each of the above, but reach out and we would be happy to help you :)




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Clayton Donnelly

Clayton Donnelly (Head of Professional Services) is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with 15 years of global assessment, hiring and talent experience. He also loves bringing the world of technology and people together through fair, robust and high-quality solutions.

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