Video Interviewing in the Age of Corona

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Video Interviewing in the Age of Corona

#socialdistancing. Just a few days ago, nobody was aware of this now-crucial term. Despite the current period of uncertainty, LinkedIn and other platforms are filled with "we're hiring" posts. Life - and work - must go on. 

The previously unassuming #WFH is now trending, as we embark on a new, unexpected reality. Companies are sharply moving toward #remotework, and this shift is likely to continue in the coming months.The candidate market is spiking - layoffs on one hand, and many businesses quickly picking up the newly available quality talent. 

myInterview provides an immediate solution in the employment process. Using a frictionless video interview platform, candidates receive a link to answer a sequence of short questions using video. Predictive analytics provides insights into candidate responses, and the system creates a shortlist that the recruiter can review in their own time. 

Founded by Australians Benjy Gillman and Guy Abelsohn, the company is no stranger to remote work and a distributed team setup. Headquartered in Tel Aviv and Sydney, in a few years of operation myInterview has retained clients that include Facebook, Australia’s Hudson recruitment, and UK household name P&O Ferries. 

In the past few days, demand for video interviewing is skyrocketing, with companies of all sizes clamoring to maintain their talent pipeline, especially in industries experiencing increased demand for services. One such example is leading British e-supermarket chain, Ocado.

We'd like to set a call or video session to discuss how myinterview can potentially help you. If you would like us to set aside a few minutes for a consultation, we'll be happy to assist however we can. Please schedule a time here

About the Author

Eliav Rodman

Eliav Rodman is an entrepreneur, marketeer, and startup advisor with international experience in community building, marketing, and management. His passion for bringing people together across continents and cultures is what led him to focus on matching people and companies as CMO at myInterview, a fast-growing startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Eliav loves going to work knowing he’s making technology that improves people's lives.

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